We support the following local nonprofit organizations in order to benefit CT Veterans and Service Members, to help CT kids in foster care, and to lend support and healing to individuals and families affected by mental health challenges and the disease of addiction.


There were over 100,000 overdose related deaths in 2021, in the US alone!! In honor of those who are trying so hard to stay in active recovery, and in memory of all our loved ones who have lost their lives along the way, TheCharityChallenge.net is raising money for a nonprofit organization who is committed to challenging the revolving door system of recovery in the U.S. and who will offer a very different and holistic alternative to treatment that will END the current cycle of relapse and recidivism. TheCharityChallenge.net's recipient organization: TriCircle was established in CT, and is dedicated to creating real, long-term solutions for individuals and families affected by the disease of addiction. In its full implementation, TriCircle will offer a residential, comprehensive, individualized, uninterrupted continuum of care with treatment options for participants with co-occurring mental health issues and every resource needed to thrive in life!



Many children in foster care carry their belongings in a trash bag as they move throughout the system. Bags of Hope seeks to provide personalized monogrammed duffle bags filled with comfort items to all kids in local foster care. There are approximately 4000 children in foster care in CT at any given time. Bags of Hope, founded in 2018, provided 410 duffle bags to children in CT. In 2021, 911 bags were provided. This year, the goal is to reach every foster child in the state and to distribute over 1200 Bags of Hope!

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"Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean."

Ryunosuke Satoro


For 70 years, award winning and CARF accredited Easterseals Capital Region & Eastern Connecticut (“Easterseals CR&EC”) has been removing barriers and making a profound positive difference in the lives of Veterans, seniors, adults and children. Veterans Rally Point is a program of Easterseals CR&EC and provides FREE life changing services to Veterans/Service Members and their families. These services include: employment, emergency financial assistance, mental health, peer-to-peer support, education and job skill training, navigating military benefits, legal, service coordination, caregiver training and support, professional clothing and food pantry. It is with integrity, commitment and rapid response that Easterseals CR&EC continues to leverage their 70 years of expertise and experience to remove barriers and rebuild the minds, bodies and lives of our American Warriors and their families.



Reliance Heath is a private, non-profit mental health organization serving Eastern Connecticut. The agency opened in 1976 as a drop-in center for disenfranchised individuals, primarily those individuals who were in or recently discharged from Norwich Hospital. Today, Reliance Health serves over 1,500 individuals each year, employs over 250, and offers a variety of recovery oriented services such as homeless outreach and engagement, individual and group therapy, medication management, supportive housing, residential supervised housing, recovery coaching, social rehabilitation services, employment and education supports, service coordination, transportation and supported living. Reliance Health is an integral part of the community network of service providers and community stakeholders whose purpose is to collaborate for the purpose of building a cohesive community.

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